For the purpose of equitizing the enterprise following Vietnam Southern Food Corporation’s command, the Company implemented all the regulations and the proposed plans. On 20 June 2016, the Company was accepted by Vietnam Southern Food Corporation to hold the first General Meeting of Shareholders on 27 June 2016. On 01 July 2016, the Company was officially changed to joint Stock Company.
   The Executive Board of the company from 15 March 2022 as below:
I.The Board of Directors
  1. Mr Bach Ngoc Van                                      Chairman
  2. Mr Doan Huynh Dung                                 Vice Chairman
  3. Mrs Duong Thi Thanh Nguyet                     Member
  4. Mr Pham Minh Trung                                   Member
  5. Mr Phan Hung Minh                                    Member
II. The Board of General Directors and Chief Accountant
  1. Mrs Duong Thi Thanh Nguyet                    General Director
  2. Mr Pham Minh Trung                                  Vice General Director
  3. Mrs Tran Thi Diep                                       Chief Accountant
III. The Board of Control
  1. Ms Tran Thi Mai Trinh                                 Chief of The Board of Control
  2. Mrs Vu Thi Minh Hien                                 Member
  3. Mr Nguyen Truong Giang                           Member

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