* Purchasing, processing and exporting different types of rice, such as rice, rice with 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 100% of broken rice, broken rice, flavor rice, Jasmine rice, sticky rice, broken rice, rice mash.

* Package: in accordance with requirements of customers; products are mainly packed in PP packages with weights of 10 kgs, 15 kgs, 25 kgs, 30 kgs, 45 kgs, 50 kgs, Jumbo,...in compliance with the requirements of customers.

* Comprising 5 enterprises with facilities of 23 advanced rice rubbing – polishing lines. The polishing capacity of each line is 4 tons of raw materials/hour, equivalent to 261,000 tons/year. The current storage system is strongly, closely, and clearly designed on a total area of 45,823 m2; its frequent storage capacity is 77,481 tons of food.


 - The mainly export markets of the Company are Asian, African, European, American markets. During the last years, the largest markets were the African and Asian markets; in 2008, the Asian market occupied 65.63%, the African market occupied 34% in total number of export rice in the year.

- Its customers include traditional and famous groups leading in purchase of rice in Vietnam, such as Louis Dreyfus, Ovlas Trading, Olam,. .


   - The Company currently has 05 enterprises processing export rice directly under the Company. With storage on a total area of 45,823 m2, storage capacity of 77,481 tons, the Company is building and going to bring into operation of 32,067 m2, increasing the total area of the storage to 77,890 m2. The storage is strongly and clearly designed, equipped with closed and modern entry-exist and packaging systems.

- The Company is operating 23 rice rubbing-polishing lines, the capacity of each line is approximately 4 tons of raw materials/hour and 1 rice husking line with capacity of 10 tons of raw materials/hour.

- In addition, the Company is going to bring into operation 8 rice polishing lines and 2 rice husking lines with capacity of 20 tons of raw rice/hour/line. The total number of the lines is increased to 31 rice polishing lines and 3 rice husking ones.

 - With advanced rice polishing lines and total designed processing capacity of 124 tons of raw materials/hour, each year, the Company may produce about 558,000 tons of raw rice, equivalent to 446,000 tons of finished export rice.

 - The total processing capacity of rice husking lines is 50 tons of rice/hour, 225,000 tons of rice/year.

* Supplying capacity: from 30,000 tons to 50,000 tons of finished rice/month, equivalent to 360,000 tons ~ 600,000 tons/year.


The Company establishes relationship with all economic sectors (State-owned enterprises, limited liability companies, joint ventures, private enterprises...) in domestic and overseas.

FORMS OF BUSINESS: Import-Export, Joint venture, Association, Agent, Trust Company, Supplying, Processing, wholesale and retail sale.

Quick transaction – payment formalities, including following forms: (RICE)

* Purchase:

- Purchasing in accordance with economic contracts: Purchasing goods from State-owned enterprises, Private enterprises, Limited Liability Companies, etc.; depending on the goods purchased, the Company will apply following payment forms:

Paying 90% of value of goods after signing contract on basis of goods checking minutes issued by the Company’s goods supervision team; 10% of value of goods and value added tax shall be fully paid by the Company after the goods are fully delivered.

- Buying at retail from farmers: The Company will pay in cash 100% of value of goods after purchasing goods.

* Selling:

- For domestic: wholesale, retail sale, agent, commission sale

- For export: Selling at FOB rates (Ho Chi Minh, Can Tho and My Thoi Ports) or at CIF, C&F rates.

* Form of payment: (RICE)

- In domestic: Paying in cash or by bank transfer (VNĐ)

- For export: The Company is currently applying 2 main forms of payment:

+ Sight irrevocable Letter of Credit (L/C).

+ Telegraphic transfer (T/T) in advance (USD, EURO), of which:

20% of value of goods shall be paid within 3 days after signing the contract;

80% of value of goods shall be fully paid right after the goods are delivered to loading port according to report of survey authority but before departure date of the ship.  

* Goods delivery location: according to customers’ requirements

- In domestic: at storages of purchasers, sellers, and of Ho Chi Minh, Can Tho, My Thoi Ports.

- For export: at storages of Ho Chi Minh, Can Tho, My Thoi Ports (for FOB rates), at ports of arrival (CIF or C&F rates).

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