•     Dried anchovies (boiled and dried anchovies for instant serving), include following types:

+ Whole anchovies:

-         A1 type: 2-3.5 cm in maximum length

-         A2 type: from 3.5 cm to 5 cm in length

-         A3 type: from 5 cm to 7 cm in length

+ Anchovy fillets (without fish heads and bones)

-         A4 type: including 2 types, one is from 2 cm to 4 cm in length and the other is from 3 cm to 5 cm in length.

-         Dried spade fishes (dried spade fishes without fishbone)

+ Instant dried spice anchovies (instant dried anchovies without fishbone, soaked with spices).

  •    Packages: The products are packed in carton boxes with 1 PE layer inside; the packages include:

-         50x32x19cm size: for net weight of 10 kg of A4-type fish

-         60x30x25cm size: for net weight of 14 kg of A1, A2 or A3-type fish.

·        Spiced anchovies packed in PE boxes include:

-         150 grams/box

-         350 grams/box


-         Exported to Singapore, China, Malaysia

-         For domestic consumption: types of spiced anchovies, dried anchovies and dried spade fishes/


-         The Company has 01 enterprise processing dried anchovies and spade fishes for export; this enterprise was established in the beginning of 1990 and located at Hon Chong. Total area for storage and drying yard is 8,310 m2, of which the area for the storage is 1,560 m2 and for the drying yard is 6,750 m2.

-          Storage reserves: 200 tons of finished products

-         Total processing capacity/year: 1,400 tons of finished products

-         Equipment & machineries:

+ Ships serving purchase and preliminary treatment of anchovies: 2 ships with loading capacity of 25 tons/ship.

+ Cold storage plant: 2 storages with storage capacity of 200 tons.


The Company establishes relationship with all economic sectors (State-owned enterprises, limited liability companies, joint ventures, private enterprises...) in domestic and overseas.

FORMS OF BUSINESS: Import-Export, Joint venture, Association, Agent, Trust Company, Supplying, Processing, wholesale and retail sale.

Quick transaction – payment formalities, including following forms:

- Buying at retail from fishermen: The Company will pay in cash 100% of value of goods after purchasing goods.

- Purchasing in accordance with economic contracts: Purchasing goods from State-owned enterprises, Private enterprises, Limited Liability Companies, etc., depending on the goods purchased, the Company will apply following payment forms:

+ For domestic: wholesales, retail sale, agent, commission sale

+ For export: Selling at FCA rates (Ho Chi Minh Ports) or at CIF, C&F rates

+ For domestic: paying in cash or by bank transfer (VNĐ)

- For export: Sight Letter of Credit (L/C), irrevocable L/C or deferred payment L/C and Telegraphic transfer (T/T) in advance (USD, EURO),

* Goods delivery location: according to customers’ requirements

- In domestic: at storages of purchasers, sellers, and of Ho Chi Minh, Can Tho, My Thoi Ports.

- For export: at storages of Ho Chi Minh, Can Tho, My Thoi Ports (for FOB rates), at ports of arrival (CIF or C&F rates).

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