History of Establishment and Development



 + Forerunner of Kien Giang Import & Export Joint Stock Company (Kigimex) was Nam Hai Port Import-Export Company (a State-owned company) established in 1975, which was directly under Kien Giang province.

+ In 1988, the Company name was changed into Kien Giang Import-Export Company (Kigimex), which is a 100% capital State-owned company directly under Kien Giang province

+ In 1995, Kien Giang Import-Export Company (Kigimex) transferred 100% owners’ equity to Vietnam Southern Food Corporation (a State-owned company) under the Decision no. 071/TCT/TCLĐ – QĐ dated 25 November 1995.

+ On 31/5/2005, Kien Giang Import-Export Company was changed into One-member Company Limited (Kigimex) (a State-owned company) under the Decision no. 123/2005/QĐ-TTg issued by the Prime Minister.

+ On 22 June 2011, the Company was changed into Kien Giang One-member Import-Export Co., Ltd (Kigimex) (a State-owned company) with 100% State owners’ equity directly under Vietnam Southern Food Corporation.

+ On 01 July 2016,  the Company was changed into Kien Giang Import & Export Joint Stock Company (Kigimex) with 83.31% State owners’ equity directly under Vietnam Southern Food Corporation (a State-owned company) and 16.69% private shareholders.

Kigimex is now located at 85-87 Lac Hong Street, Vinh Lac Ward, Rach Gia City, Kien Giang Province, Vietnam. Telephone: +84-297-3870116 ; +84-297-3863491  Fax: +84-297-3923406 ; +84-297-3862309

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 - Business services: Main business services of the Company are exportation of Rice, anchovies, trading of petroleum in domestic.

- Organizational structure: The Company has 05 professional departments, 01 branch in Ho Chi Minh City, 05 enterprises processing foods (rice/paddy) for exporting, 01 enterprise processing anchovies (sea food), 01 enterprises specializing in petroleum trading and domestic distribution.

- For rice:

+ Purchasing, processing and exporting different types of rice, such as Vietnam long grain white rice 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 100% of broken rice; Jasmine rice; Khao Dak Mali (KDM), Glutinous rice, Japonica rice, and short / Medium grains Ham Chau.

+ Package: Rice products are mainly packed in PP and / or PP laminated bags (BOPP) packages with weights of 1kg; 2kgs; 5kgs; 10lbs;  10 kgs, 15 kgs, 25 kgs, 30 kgs, 45 kgs, 50 kgs, Jumbo, compliance with the requirements of customers.

+ Comprising 5 enterprises with facilities of 35 advanced rice rubbing – polishing lines. The polishing capacity of each line is 10 tons of raw materials/hour, equivalent to 350,000 – 500,000 tons/year. The current storage system with its frequent storage capacity is 150,000 tons of rice / paddy products.

+ The mainly export markets of the Company are Asian, African, European, American markets. During the last years, the largest markets were the African and Asian markets.

- For anchovies:

+ The anchovy enterprise has 3 vessels buying fish directly from the sea and fishermen

+ There are the anchovy processing systems in the vessels

+ There are frozen warehouses

+ The main export market is Singapore

- For petroleum:

+ There are petrol warehouses

+ There are 5 filling stations

+ Distribution of petrol in domestic market

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